Canadian Music Festivals

Canada may not be the first destination that you think of when it comes to music festivals, but when summertime rolls around it is time to head north for some incredible music.  There are Canadian music festivals that take place all year long, but the summer is when you will get the best outdoor concerts and see some of the biggest names in music.  So in no particular order here are some of the best Canadian music festivals to add to your lineup.

Festival d’Ete

Taking place on the historic Plains of Abraham from July 5-15 this is ten days of solid music and it is one of Canada’s biggest festivals.  With more than a million concert goers flocking here every year you can find some of the biggest draws in the music business.  Everyone from the Rolling Stones to the heavy sounds of Metallica have graced the stages.


While there are many music festivals that take place in Toronto over the course of the summer this is by far the biggest and the baddest.  From June 8-17 this is more than just a music festival, there is comedy, gaming, interactive displays and so much more.  The event takes place at the Port Land’s festival site and the Toronto club scene is packed with up and coming music artists.  Prepare yourself for a great time.

Ottawa Blues Fest

Head to the capital for Canada Day and stick around for the Blues Fest.  Taking place from July 5-15 this is 10 days of solid music rocking the LeBreton Flats, and it is far more than just blues.  You will find acts from all genres of music and you’re but a stone’s throw from downtown and Parliament Hill.  While there is a focus here on Canadian music you will find acts from all over the world including headliners like Blues legend B.B. King.  Here are some highlights from last year’s festival.

Chasing Summer

Summer can be painfully short in Canada so Canadians like to celebrate when it is here.  For two days the first weekend in August head to Calgary for the largest EDM event in the country.  With fall just around the corner this festival is all about celebrating our favorite but short season.  With the rockies looming in the background slap on a comfortable pair of shoes and start dancing.

There are dozens of music festivals that take place across the country each year and these are but a handful there are still the Montreal Jazz Festival, O’Sheaga, Heavy Montreal, and the MEME festival that should have made this list.  Check with tourism Canada to see where you can catch your favorite music this summer.

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