Why You Need to Add Burning Man to Your Bucket List

Burning Man is not an arts festival. It is a community of people from around the globe. Burning Man carries with it a whirlwind of culture and it is an experience that you will find yourself yearning for, for years to come and will not find anywhere else on the planet.  That is what Burning Man is. So, let me give you a quick rundown of the reasons why you need to add Burning Man to your bucket list

Be One with the Landscape

Burning Man’s ephemeral location is a prehistoric, dry, lakebed in the middle of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. During this experience, the location is called Black Rock City. If you’ve never let yourself escape the city life, the walled viewpoint, the feeling of confinement that is today’s urban habitat, you are going to find yourself dissolving into the air to be one with everything at Burning Man.

It is one of the most striking places on earth. You feel like you’re on a different planet altogether. It becomes an even more surreal feeling after 60,000 people arrive.

Escape the Infinite Advertisement

There are no salespersons screaming their products at you. There are no bright flashing pictures of what the corporate world thinks you might want to buy. No one will try to smash a poster of Coke or McDonald’s in your face. You will leave behind the world of consumerism and electronic communication that plagues our society today.

The only thing for sale at Burning Man is ice, which is sold to benefit the local schools and charities. Gift economy, the idea that people share food as well a, resources and experience with their friends and strangers, not accepting anything in return, is what drives the festival’s economy.

The Immersive World of Arts & Color

At the Burning Man, you will see art pieces on every corner. Iconic, decades old traditions formed by the generations of free spirits before you, will be there to expand your views of what you thought you knew about art.

For just one example, take Dance-Dance Immolation, where players are dressed in fireproof proximity suits and if you dance well, flames burst into the sky in celebration but if you don’t, be ready to be showered in a dance of fire itself as the flames are now aimed at you!

People and Culture

Burning Man is what it is because of the amazing people and their rich culture that it attracts. The events for you to participate in are unlimited. As is the diversity in thought, culture and ethnicity of the people that you are interacting with. Scientists, chefs, DJ’s, teachers, doctors, actors and lawyers are just a few examples of the type of professions and lifestyles that people come from.

The only real way to explain the mind-blowing perspective shift this experience can bring is to go there yourself and just experience it.

It is nearly impossible to encapsulate and put into words, what the Burning Man is. Take this for the short version why it needs to be on your bucket list. You owe it to yourself to live through it at least once in your lifetime.

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